Lesson Summary:
Students will identify the different storage devices that forms part of a computer memory system and draw a table to list the different storage devices. Students will know about primary, secondary internal & external memory or storage devices.

Lesson Objective:
Students should be able to differentiate between computer memory and storage devices and identify examples of storage devices.

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Md. Enamul Haque is an Assistant Professor (Computer Operation) at Bherapora Technical & BM.Institute.
HI, I am Md.Enamul Haque, Assistant Professor (Computer Operation) & ICT4E District Ambassador Rajshahi Bangladesh.

To establish myself as a successful professional by executing my skills acquired from my academic qualifications, rich experience by personal approach to a given problem. Application of my talents and skills in the new atmosphere, with challenging outlook to gain the desired result in a given field. Have a strong desire to work in a challenging environment where I can utilize my education and skills. To achieve this aim I am determined to offer honesty, efficiency and sincerity to the optimum level.

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